Precept™ Touch

Precept Touch brings a new level of convenience and security to your sliding patio door lock. With just a touch you can lock the door behind you or unlock it as you arrive back. No more fumbling for keys or smartphone apps, just touch and go.

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Getting Started

Follow these steps to pair your Precept Touch device with the Precept Home app


It is important to train your new Precept Touch to recognize how you normally carry your smartphone


Take your key with you, go outside your door and close it.


Put your smartphone where you normally carry it.


Touch the black indented square, just above the key cylinder firmly to lock your Precept Touch.


Repeat this action 10 times, locking and unlocking each time, to properly train your Precept Touch.

To keep the Precept Home app from using too much of your phone's battery, it stops communicating with the Precept Touch if it is still for more than about 20 seconds.

In normal use, as you move up to your door, the Precept Home app will communicate with the Precept Touch. However, during training, if you stand still, the Precept Home app could stop communicating with your Precept Touch. If the Precept Touch does not respond during training, lightly shake your phone to make it communicate again. You can also move away from your door and then back again.


Fix common issues by clicking below, or search our knowledge base for other issues

If the pairing process fails, perform a reset on your Precept Touch. This reset erases any previous pairing attempts or owners.


Move the thumb slide down to the unlocked position.


Insert a straightened paperclip into the pairing hole above the thumb slide. Press and hold the hidden pariing button.


Keep the button pressed for 10 seconds or until the exterior LED ring flashes white.


Your Precept Touch is now ready to be paired with your account.


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View or download our support documentation for the Precept Touch